'Bois des Jasmin'で、Mizunara‐ミズナラ‐が「新しい年におすすめの香水12」に選ばれました!

香水ジャーナリストのサイト「Bois de Jasmin」で「新年におすすめの12香水」にMizunara‐ミズナラ‐が選ばれました!

Mizunara is selected for one of「 the Best of 2018 : 12 Perfumes To Bring into The New Year」 on Bois de Jasmin.
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Parfum Satori Mizunara
Japanese perfumer Satori Osawa blends the aesthetics and techniques both from her native country and France, and with Mizunara she shows what a Kyoto rock garden would look like on the shores of Corsica. The composition layers juniper with rosemary and sage and wraps the whole thing into soft woods and amber. Elegant and polished.