Greeting and News - Parfum Satori - March 2016

There are signs of spring in the air and we hope your day is going well, from Tokyo....
Please find our latest news as follows;

☆ All of our collections are listed in the database of FRAGRANTICA, an online encyclopedia of perfumes, a perfume magazine and a community of perfume lovers.

☆ Our 'Sakura' is featured at 'News' under 'Best in show' category of FRAGRANTICA.

☆ Articles of Parfume Satori and interviews of Satori Osawa, the perfumer, were appeared, in serial form, in a blog 'The Scent of Man', featuring mainstream and niche scents for men, independent perfume reviews, interviews by Rhys Y.

1st   The Scent of PARFUM SATORI -No. 1

2nd   The Scent of PARFUM SATORI -No.2

3rd   The Scent of PARFUM SATORI -No. 3
4th   The Scent of PARFUM SATORI -No. 4
5th   The Scent of PARFUM SATORI -No. 5

☆ Guerlain's collaboration; Beautifully done with Arita Porcelain Lab in Japan to create a limited porcelain edition of the Mitsouko bottle.

☆ PARFUM SATORI's signature perfume "Satori" is also available in an Arita porcelain bottle in the shape of a CHATSUBO, or tea pot, since 2006. The Kara fragrance, which I tried to express the global philosophy of Japan, is in this porcelain bottle and is placed in a wooden box made of Paulownia after being wrapped carefully in turmeric-dyed cloth, in the same traditional way in which precious art works are stored in Japan. I tried to make it as a pure vehicle of communicating the Japanese culture and traditions.