Article on「PRECIOUS] July

Fragrance created by a Japanese perfume draws global attention.

Parfum Satori fragrances have a hint of seasonal light& delicate scent like moss, someiyoshino, silk iris...Unlike over-powered European or American scent, Satori fragrances have a velvety and glamorous tone ,that is one of the reasons why Japanese women ,who like fresh and soft fragrances, support.

Perfumer Osawa Satori is a daughter of "Kado" exert in Tokyo, she always had a pocket sized encyclopedia of plants and flowers with her and took her time going home from primary school to her home. "

"My creations are based on traditional Japanese culture, delicate scent of flowers and leaves that I have developed in me since my childhood. I always want to create fragrances best fit to Japanese sensitiveness to scent, body odor and humid climate."

A man once came to her atelier all the way from Grasee to get a perfume for his partner. Her fragrances, gentle and comfortable scent to everyone, fascinate not only Japanese people but women in Europe.

Osawa Satori:

Member of La Societe Francaise de la Parfumerie. She opens her salon " Parfum Satori" in Yoyogi, Tokyo since 2000 and currently creates Haute Couture Perfumes , hold seminars and classes. With her experience and profound knowledge in various forms of traditional Japanese art, such as " Kado" , " Sado" and "Kodo" ( she acquired diplomas of "Shihan " and "Chamei"), she creates original perfumes paying tribute to Japanese history and culture.

Nuage Rose:

Inspired by the sunrise and sunset in Cote D'azur- the sky turns into a canavas with
a color of rose and violet melting in the ocean...Top note is a fruity pear
Sharpened with pink pepper. Then a pink colored accord of violet spreads
And the jasmine absolute creates an amazingly soft harmony.
The last note is powdery sandalwood. Luxurious soft Iris was abundantly used
and takes us in light steps.

Silk Iris:

A beautiful woman simply dressed in a silky chemise and pearl necklace.
Particles of thin and sparkling moonlights form a white aura around the lady and fill her surrounding with a soft fragrance.
White Iris softly covers the skin with a silky touch. A light top note of citrus hides a smooth impression of a fresh peach skin. The last notes including sandalwood and musk wrap us discreetly at the end, without spoiling the delicate fragrance of Iris.

Koke shimizu

Unisex fragrance- The fresh spring water flowing down between the trees, reveals a blending harmony of the cold clear water with the warmth of trees and mosses.
Starting from the fresh citrus to light green, gradually shifting to moisture moss and finally changing to the powdery musk.