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-Mrs. July 2013 edition-

"Mrs" July 2013 Edition

"Perfumer Satori Osawa - Challenge to create a perfume to fit the seasons of Japan"
"Encompassing the subtlety of scents in perfume"
Satori Osawa is a freelance perfumer and a member of the Société Française de la Parfmurie.
"I have created 17 different fragrances [for my brand] so far. I tried to express 'kyara' which is used in Kodo (Japanese perfumery) in my signature fragrance. The scent rising from the incense burner, the light seeping through the shoji (Japanese-style sliding doors made of wood and washi paper), the rustle of silk kimonos and the straight posture of a dignified lady. These are the images which I was inspired by. Also, I wanted to create my own green tea fragrance, one that is different from the green tea note overseas, which includes bitterness and greenness included in the freshness of green tea. The scent of cherry blossoms in my fragrances depict the very pale pink colour that any Japanese person will be reminded of by the blossoms" explains Satori.
It is inevitable that there will be a difference between what one will find pleasing in Europe and Japan. "The weather in Japan is temperate and humid and skin type of Japanese people are different to that of Europeans. The humidity envelopes the skin which will encase the fragrance within and make the fragrance smell much heavier. So I wanted to create a fragrance that will suit the Japanese climate and Japanese skin type better. That is the origins of my creations".
Satori has always loved flowers and plants as a child. She is also very knowledgeable in the arts of flower arrangement (kado), tea ceremony (sado) and Japanese perfumery (kodo). All these aspects have influenced her fragrances.
"Japanese people love the delicate scents that exist in everyday life, like the smell of rain, the greenness of tatami mats. In Japan, fragrances that are light, like a water colour painting is preferred. But there is also the notion that perfumes shouldn't just be light, but also must last a long time. Light and pure, but also long-lasting. The balance is difficult, but that is what makes it interesting."
Natural ingredients are essential in her creations and her strong relationships with perfumeries in southern France gives her the advantage of being able to obtain the highest quality materials.
"I think that a well-made perfume is one that you won't be tired of wearing everyday and brings comfort to those surrounding you. It is my aim to continue to create fragrances that will evolve and match the climate of Japan".

Wasanbon: A top note of sweet and sour Muscat which flows into a soft sweetness. A joy-filled new fragrance from Parfum Satori.