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Satori Osawa is a Japanese perfumer, expert in Sado (tea ceremony), in Kado (floral arrangement) and Kodo (Japanese Art of fragrance which includes one of the first fragrance classification ...). She is one among very few Asian perfumers who has her own perfume brand, and a bespoke perfumer with Haute Couture collection... She is mixing Japanese history, ingredients, tradition, past & future with talent and with one objective : to entrust her fragrance with a message: to introduce a eal Japanese spirit, real oriental fragrances which might be quite different from the oriental world represented from other countries. Satori has her own Salon in 2000 a boutique where she displays her collection of a thousand antique perfumes. Satori San has also developed her own original education program, developed to learn more about fragrances, but also about the traditional sense of beauty & Japanese 1400 year's "Scent" history, further to technical skills. Satori is also a member of the SFP the French Society of perfumers. For more info>