KATEIGAHOU - August 2011

"Private perfume collection by Satori osawa."

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A professional's collection
Master pieces perfumes collected in private.
What does a professional's private collection look like?
Basics and storage secrets only a professional can tell.

Every perfume has a "story". It is a supreme bliss to enjoy fragrances in a dreamful drift in historical time.
Being a member of "La Société Française de la Parfumerie", Satori Osawa is a Japanese perfumer. More than 1000 perfumes are preciously displayed in her salon located in Yoyogi.
"I seriously started to collect perfumes in 1999. The bottles and packages conditions are very important but I especially make sure some perfume is left in the bottle. When we smell a perfume, we can perceive the perfumer's thoughts and the times backgrounds. If only one day I could make a museum and introduce all these perfumes history..."
Before 1900, perfumes were sold in medicinal bottles.
"The new form of glass art perfume bottles was born with the fateful encounter of perfumer François Coty and glass designer René Lalique."
Lalique designed the perfume bottle and label of "Chypre" made in 1917 by Coty (front middle of the left page). A gold label on a simple glass bottle, with a delicate design on the frosted glass cap.
"By using the glass technique of molding, they realized mass production of bottles and perfumes have spread into the world. A successful example of art and business coming together."
Satori's collection also includes a variety of perfume labels, first commercial posters, and historical documents.
"Perfume collection is to me "my admiration". The perfume itself degragates but the fragrance from the middle to the last note stays the same from the original scent. By smelling the perfume left in the bottle, we can imagine and drift into time. This is my supreme blissful moment."


Right page (top to bottom, left to right)
 1940 ~ 60's After the Second World War, floral fragrances were popular. Nina Ricci perfume bottles designed by Lalique.
 1920's "Shalimar" by Gerlain has received the art deco design grand prize at the Paris International Exposition in 1925.
 Satori Osawa in front of her perfume organ. She also holds perfume making classes.
 "Jade" by Roger & Gallet. The cracking design of the bottle and the package inspired by "Makie" technique.

Left page
 1900's Coty's perfumes. Coty left a famous quote: "Perfumes must scent as soon as it is placed on the dressing table.