25ans - June 2011

"Fragrance making experience - Finding a rose fragrance just for you." Article on 25ans.

June 2011 From the magazine "25 ANS" Fragrance making experience - Finding a rose fragrance just for you. "Rose fragrances are very often seen in the market but they are not made from roses." This shocking sentence was the beginning of the fragrance making lesson. The teacher, Satori Osawa, is a freelance perfumer working worldwide as an artist of fragrance, also member of the French association of perfumery. A professional of fragrances who has been working in collaboration with various creators. After hearing interesting secret stories of roses such as, "many new varieties of roses were produced in the castle of Josephine, the first wife of Napoleon...", we start to make our own unique rose fragrance, calculating the quantity using a pipette and a measuring instrument. Just like in a science experiment! We first prepare the main fragrance called "the rose block". A couple of fragrances not necessarily related to rose are then added to enrich the rose fragrance. What a profound world! It was a dreamlike moment in the world of perfumery. Satori Osawa hold perfume making classes with small number of students. Fragrance design basic class: Once a week / 4 time a month (1 class 100 min.) 195,000 yen (including lesson materials). Long distance courses also available. 1. Satori's new product "Nuage Rose" will be on sale on May 13. 2. Lesson materials used in the basic class. 3. Expressing fragrances using words is also part of the lesson. 4. Compounding fragrances using a pipette. 5. Here is your one and only original rose fragrance.