BOGARD - March 2011

"The habit to wear a perfume is a gentleman's finishing touch."

Article on BOGARD.

("Otonamichi" is a corner in the magazine "BOGARD", introducing how to enjoy and enrich daily life with selected "materials")

"The habit to wear a perfume is a gentleman's finishing touch."

"A discrete fragrance adding profundity to elegance."

Fragrance is a key item that emphasizes the impression of a person.
Human are very sensitive to smells. A smell can sometimes describe the person and build a story. PARFUM SATORI's fragrance and soap made for Japanese people, slightly different from strong western fragrances; more discrete and fresh with citrus, woody and relaxing. Its artistic fragrance ennobles the intellectual and calm character of the person wearing it, and gives a clean gentlemanlike impression. Wearing perfume is highly recommended as a casual daily habit for men.

An unobtrusive gentleman fragrance which brushes past.
The pleasure of perfume is the smelling. Fragrance pleasantly changes from the top note to the middle, finally to the last note. Just like driving on the American highway "Route 66", this eau de parfum is first very refreshing with its top citrus note and then beautifully shifts to a warm woody note. Each one's body odor is also an important spice added to it in order to enrich the fragrance and make it unique. Simply a spray after shower every morning and you will feel more positive and outgoing as ever, by also giving an impression of a broad-minded intellectual gentleman. It is an unobtrusive and elegant fragrance when brushed past.

A fragrance of fine quality for a refined bath time of a mature man.
For those who still feel a little nervous about wearing perfume, the light remaining fragrance of perfume soap is recommended. This natural soap with a light smell of the fragrance described above is creamy and mild, made in France with Seaweed from Bretagne and organic Argan. It efficiently exfoliates the skin and leaves it fresh and smooth. A natural soap perfect for a relaxing and refined bath time of a mature man.