KATEIGAHOU - December 2010

"New fragrance and Perfume salon of Satori, presenting to the world fragrances of Japan."

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December 2010

Editor' report - Monthly Choice

"New fragrance and Perfume salon of Satori, presenting to the world fragrances of Japan."

Member of "La Société Française de la Parfumerie", Satori Osawa is one of a rare freelance perfumer in Japan. This fall, her newest eau de parfum "Satori - Black Label" (atomizer) will be on sale. This newest product was created as an eau de parfum version of the perfume "Satori" (60ml, 105,000 yen, with a wooden box) launched in 2008, bottled in precious Chatsubo porcelain. "Satori" is a fragrance based on Kyara (Agarwood), considered as one the most precious fragrance in the oriental, which has more value than gold. For seven years Satori has worked on this fragrance, inspired by her deep knowledge of Chado(Way of Tea) and Sado(Way of Flower) and her true wish to expand Japanese culture to the world through fragrances. A perfume contains 15-30 % of fragrance materials while an eau de parfum contains 8-15%. "Black Label"'s fragrance starts with bergamot and coriander as top notes, then come the middle notes cinnamon, clove, and cacao, with finally frankincense, sandalwood, and oakmoss as base notes. A fragrance wrapping us with gentleness and warmth. 50 ml, 16,800 yen. New perfume soap for men will also be on sale. A 100% natural and vegetal fragrance soap of eau de parfum "MR 66", a delicate and efficient blend of seaweed and argan powder. 3990 yen per soap. Satori also runs a Perfume Salon where she holds small classes of fragrance making. Basic knowledge of fragrances can be mastered using 150 different materials in the introductory and basic course. There is also a specialized course offering 300 different materials to learn and create a one and only fragrance in the world.