25ans - June 2010

"Fragrances of Japan".

Article on 25 ans (30th anniversary edition).

Fragrances of Japan
Picture 5:
"ORIBE" by Parfum Satori / 50ml 12,600JPY.
To the fresh and young scents of green leaf and sage, Patchouli and woody scents add some profoundness. Lovely flowers such as jasmine and iris gather in harmony, and create a light and elegant fragrance.
Just like the traditional Japanese powdered tea, there is a sweet flavor hiding behind bitterness.

Parfum Satori - Le Salon:
Let's learn how to make a fragrance for a globally attractive Japanese woman.
"I think there are two kinds of Japanese fragrances. One is a plain oriental fragrance that appeals to westerners, and the other is a fragrance in which Japanese people can feel real comfort in wearing it. Not just a strong oriental fragrance, but a relaxing fragrance, perfectly matching the Japanese skin, familiar to the green tea we Japanese people have whenever we want to relax," Says freelance perfumer Satori Osawa.
Her harmonious and sensitive creations chosen by perfume lovers are also gifts from her deep knowledge of traditional Japanese cultures, such as "Sado(the Way of Tea)" and "Kodo(the Way of Incense)".
Satori's Salon gives us the opportunity to learn about graceful and luxurious perfumes of the world, and at the same time master the high techniques of perfume making.
Come and open your door to the world of perfumery.