ASAHI-SHINBUN - November 2009

"Expressing originality through fragrances with strong character." Article from ASAHI-SHINBUN (Japanese National Newspaper)

November 19, 2009 Article from Japanese national newspaper "ASAHI-SHINBUN" "Expressing originality through fragrances with strong character." Speaking of "originality", some perfumes are especially made to fit Japanese people. Moss, cherry blossoms, soft and sweet silk flowers... Japanese fragrances suggested by perfumer Satori Osawa (Perfume brand "Parfum Satori"), whose aim is to create "fragrances which fit the feelings and body odors of Japanese people who like the delicate shades and smells of the Japanese four seasons." According to Yano Research Institute, the Japanese sales of perfume is only 1.2% of the whole cosmetic market, about 28 billion yen. However, there is a deeply rooted fragrance culture in Japan, which leaves optimistic possibilities of the perfume market growth.