PROGRAMME - June 2009

"Scent awakens our memories of coolness."

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June 2009

Scent awakens our "memories of coolness" - Satori

Within our five senses, "smell" is the most connected to our memory. Japanese people have always been sensitive to the sense of smell, experiencing seasons through varieties of nature's scents. Let's take a summer afternoon. A faraway thunder. All of a sudden, clouds overcastting the sky. Instinctively, our eyes and ears predict a shower. Then a wind blows, carrying the smell of rain. At that very moment, we feel a sensation of coolness on the nape of our neck. "Scent" has the power to awaken our "memories of coolness". For example, the fresh scent of a new tatami gives us a cool touch on the skin. The scent of incense is like a cool shade of a tree in the precincts of a shrine. With the scent of a bamboo forest, we can hear the soft whisperings of leaves. We can see splashing water shimmering in the sun with the scent of a mountain stream. "Satori" is a perfume that expresses such "memories of coolness" sleeping deep inside our heart. The story told by the light top note is a cool tatami room, where the incense lets a smoke rise up in the air. The awakened memories of coolness soon spread over our five senses, meanwhile the intensive heat seems to be gone.