25ans - February 2009

"I am seeking for fragrances that reflect and touch Japanese people's heart." Article on 25ans.

February 2009 Article on "25ans" "I am seeking for fragrances that reflect and touch Japanese people's heart." Freelance perfumer Satori Osawa, member of "The French Society of Perfumery", compares western and Japanese perfume cultures. "Perfume originally comes from Europe. The air, temperature, food... everything is so different, it is only natural a Japanese person feels a sense of incongruity when a western perfume is worn as it is." Analyses Satori, who is not only a perfumer, but also a "Shihan (instructor)" of "Kado-Sogetsuryu (Japanese flower arrangement)", and "Chamei (master)" of "Chado-urasenke (Japanese art of tea)". With her practice of "Kodo-Sanjonishiie-ryu (Japanese way of incense)", she shows deep respect to the Japanese culture. "Japanese people have a remarkable sensibility to feel and enjoy the change of seasons. Why not expressing this privileged culture and appreciation of nature through fragrances." Her uniqueness can also be seen in the names of her perfumes, such as "Yoru-no-ume (night plum trees)" and "Koke-shimizu (moss water), all filled with Japanese spirit and beauty. The fragrances in which Japanese people feel real comfort are slightly different from the typical image western people hold about oriental fragrances. For example, Satori's perfume "Shikibu" expresses "Macha (traditional powdered green tea)" through bitterness and not the dominant citrus usually seen in most of western green tea perfumes. "I am seeking for fragrances that unconditionally and naturally fit the Japanese people, where we can find real comfort and well being." We are looking forward to her next creations of real oriental perfumes, representing modesty and sensitivity of Japanese women, most perfect for real International women.