BAZAAR - December 2008

"Elegant and spirited with a luxurious Japanese fragrance." Article on BAZAAR.

December 2008 From the magazine "BAZAAR" Elegant and spirited with a luxurious Japanese fragrance How about giving away for a moment the impression of "Fragrance = Western", and try a Japanese fragrance? The luxurious fragrance is based on Kyara (precious agarwood). A silver spatula will delicately pose the fragrance on your skin. Dignified and gorgeous... This fragrance with striking impression will lead you to the elegant style of a Japanese woman. The original package filled with Japanese spirit is also very attractive. The perfume bottle can be chosen from three different designs, all made in traditional Arita porcelain, with a wooden box and a silver spatula. 60ml 105,000 yen (including porcelain bottle and wooden box). Order made perfumes by perfumer Satori Osawa \300,000~