FUJINGAHOU - October 2008

"The fragrance of Japan bottled in an Arita-porcelain Chatsubo."

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The "fragrance of Japan" bottled in an Arita-porcelain "Chatsubo (traditional Japanese tea pot)"

"SATORI" by Parfum Satori

"It was two years ago in Paris, at an exhibition of a Japanese jewelry designer. I was given the opportunity to create a perfume, which was distributed in tiny bottles as a gift to customers. After the exhibition, I received a lot of requests and positive feedbacks about it..."
The perfume was an extremely "Japanese spirited" fragrance, based on agar wood, created by perfumer Satori Osawa, who has long been suggesting and working on "fragrances of Japan". In order to answer the many requests, Satori has finally created the perfume "SATORI", just like her own name, an exquisite blend of highest quality agar wood "Kyara", with sandalwood, cinnamon, clove, and other elements. She also made sure to bottle her wish to express Japanese spirit, "zen", the ultimate Japanese "way of life". Its name "SATORI" also has a spiritual meaning of "enlightenment" in Buddhist terms. The bottle's design is a traditional Japanese tea pot called "Chatsubo", used during tea-ceremonies where tea leaves are preciously stored. The traditional knot on top of the bottle also carries a symbolic meaning. The spatula is a delicate tea scoop hand made in silver metal. We must say that this is an exceptional perfume filled with true Japanese beauty.
Fujin Gaho OCT/2008