SMACK - November 2005

"A perfume that matches only you; the ultimate refinement."

Article on SMACK.

The happiness of being wrapped by something that was made just for you rather than matching yourself to something that was already made. Those specially ordered goods will guide you to a true peace of mind.

"A perfume that matches only you; the ultimate refinement"

Nowadays, there are quite a few people who don't like to wear perfumes. But how about a perfume made just for you? Similar to Haute-Couture clothes, there are Haute-Couture perfumes. In Europe, people sometimes order their perfume for memorial days such as marriage.
The owner of the salon, SATORI, is one of a rare freelance perfumer in Japan. Starting from a close counseling with her customer, with no omission, she goes through the whole delicate process of the making of perfume all by herself. The process of blending scents is much more complicated and laborious as it sounds.
According to the perfume image built, the first step is to design the composition of the base scents of the perfume, by blending the countless single existing fragrances. But because the blending possibilities are infinite, this process is repeated several times until we find the best "accord", in other words "harmony". After finding several base fragrances, we finally blend those in order to reach the final "accord". It takes overall few months and up to 50~100 "accords" to make one bottle of perfume. SATORI, who freely manipulates around 700 single fragrances, is like a fragrance conductor. Wearing the completed perfume is as if you had a whole orchestra playing just for you.