JOSEIJISHIN - November 2005

"Fragrances have the strange power to relax or uplift our heart. How about learning about "Fragrance Design" with Satori."


Fragrances have the strange power to relax or uplift our heart. How about learning about "Fragrance Design" and make your own original perfume?

Starting by wording the fragrances
The basic course is divided into two sections. The first 12 classes consist of learning 36 fragrances and making 6 original perfumes. One lesson is about 2 hours. After placing the tools and materials needed on the table, the lesson starts from a general explanation of fragrances and the processes of perfume making. We then explain each fragrance with our own words and start to blend them together and make our original fragrance. We check again if we remember the base fragrances. This whole process is taught in 2 lessons. A little confused at first with all the technical terms, but soon carried away and fascinated by the profound world of perfumery.

The scent of rose made through an accurate process
At the debutant course, we experience the making of the rose perfume. After smelling and learning the base fragrances, we measure and blend them according to the prescription. By blending those different scents, we aim to find the most harmonious note. We call this whole process "Fragrance Design". This time, 20 different base fragrances were used to finally make 1/2 ounce of perfume each, later put in a bottle and took home.

SATORI is one of a rare freelance perfumer in Japan. Through the order made perfumes she produces and fragrance design classes she holds, she wishes to introduce the wonderful world of perfumery. A Member of the French Society of Perfumery.

"I would like to pass on to my students the technical skills but also the importance of brushing up one's sensibility."
It has been 20 years since I got fascinated by the world of perfumery. It is actually more common for a perfumer to work in a company and blending perfumes for industrial products. I personally chose to open a salon as a foothold to introduce the world of perfumery to people who would like to seriously study this field. After the lessons, we usually have coffee and chat in a room furnished with antique furniture. The antique bottles of perfume on the shelves which count more than 1000 can sometimes be the subject of our conversations. Gaining knowledge is of course important, but consciousness towards beauty is also very important in order to mature as a perfumer. I always encourage my students to brush up their aesthetic sense with an artist mind.