Premium Collection

A Luxurious Formula using Special Fragrance Material.
Premium Collection created by Satori Osawa, who presents the concept "Fragrance without Boundaries"


A delightful candy coated with sparkling fine sugar that melts in your mouth like meringue - this is the image of Wasanbon. The name is taken from a special type of Japanese sugar, which coincidentally is pronounced the same as "Wa sent bon", meaning "a nice fragrant of Wa" in French. This fragrance is not the typical nor traditional scent imagined from the concept of "Wa" or "Japonism", but has a nuance that gently veils the gestures of a charming lady.


Beginning with a sour yet sweet lemony top note, the fragrance moves gradually into a light and sweet cake-like scent, which will bring a smile to all those surrounding her. The perfume uses top quality Iris essence which gives the fragrance a light and airy feel.


Type Gourmand type
top note lemon, muscat
middle note mimosa, muguet, almond, sugar, honey
last note vanilla, iris, guaiac wood
ワサンボン wasanbon