Petit Trianon

Premium Collection

A Luxurious Formula using Special Fragrance Material.
Premium Collection created by Satori Osawa, who presents the concept "Fragrance without Boundaries"


Petite Trianon, the small chateaux located on the grouds of the Versailles, was said to be where Marie Antoinette spent the happiest days of her life. This fragrance is an homage to Jean Louis Fargeon, the personal perfumer of Marie Antoinette. One imagines that his atelier must have been filled with countless fragrances and flowers and his hair and clothes must have smelt like a dream. This fragrance is filled with longing towards a person who pursued real beauty in a time when all was elegant and graceful.


Beginnign with a fresh top note of citrus and hyacinth green, the middle note includes numerous fragrances, such as rose and jasmine, favoured in court in the 18th century. The clean scent of white bouquet changes to become warm with sandlewood and musk.


Type Green Floral
top note citrus, hyacinth, neroli (orange flower)
middle note rose jasmine, clove, carnation
last note musk, amber ,sandalwood