Premium Collection

A Luxurious Formula using Special Fragrance Material.
Premium Collection created by Satori Osawa, who presents the concept "Fragrance without Boundaries"


A forest of Mizunara (Mongolian/Japanese oak) spread across a lakeside. Sun rays reflect on the surface of the lake which mirrors the bright green leaves. When the wind blows, it ripples the lake's surface and the glimmers on the surface reflect back the surrounding leaves. There is a determined strong will which swells up from the bottom of the lake.


The top note brings a tingling sensation in your throat, similar to when sipping malt whisky. Soon after, a waft of green galbanum becomes perceptible. Next, an herbal accord and layers of sharp woody middle notes follow and overlap each other. The rich flavor of an oak barrel is tailored with the woody note of agarwood (Kyara) and Sandalwood, the roasted sweetness of labdanum and a dry smoky note. Together with metallic amber, this malt core base is intricately harmonized.


Type Green Oriental
top note galbanum ess., rosemary, clary sage, lavender, cognac oil
middle note juniper, cypress, patchouli
last note chamomile blue, ciste abs., labdanum res., tolu balsam res

Mizunara:Japanese oak,
(Scientific name:Quercus crispula Blume)

'Mizuara'is a deciduous tree that forms a Japanese beech forest with beech. It is considered to be a mutant of Quercus mongolica from Mongolia. Also known as Japanese Oak. A tree with a long life-expectancy which may exceed 1000 years of age.
It would not grow as big as other trees compared to its actual age. It is because the nutrition is offered more to the root than the height. This is also the reason for its plenty of regeneration power even if it collapses.
It is a blessed tree that grant us fine materials for building and furniture due to its dense, heavy and tough quality of wood and grows many mushrooms, such as maitake in the forest.
Especially the malt aged in a cask of Mizunara (Japanese Oak) has become popular recently from its unique fragrance and has raised the fame of Japanese whiskey. It is also a source of the idea of this perfume.