Hana Hiraku

Premium Collection

A Luxurious Formula using Special Fragrance Material.
Premium Collection created by Satori Osawa, who presents the concept "Fragrance without Boundaries"


Magnolia Kobus, Magnolia heptapeta and Magnolia obovate thumb...
Withstand winter, bursting their hard shell, the white flowers bloom Different from supple flowering plants、vigorous flowers of woods bloom one after another The stamen and pistil of Magnolia obovate thumb, when they bloom, have their own firm will When it blooms (HANAHIRAKU), there's a way.


With overflowing life-force granted from Mother Earth, the white flowers of a huge tree, Magnolia obovate thumb, with the petals of wall thickness, bloom. HANAHIRAKU in Japanese. As such, creamy sweet floral, a specialty of Magnolias, reveal its presence from the Melony fruity top.
The dominating white floral of middle note is matte, as yet, glow lightly and brightly.
The last note of Mitarashi-an and Miso-an sweetness, the nostalgic flavors of Japanese, are well balanced with Woody and Musky note, stay dry, remain softly on your skin.
Special attention was paid to realize the touch by plentiful natural floral essences such as Absolute and Essences. Although the fragrance has a power, it stays light and fluffy on your skin.


type dry oriental*
top note creamy melon, bergamot, galbanum ess.
middle note magnolia ess, iris butter, jasmine abs, tuberose abs, rose ess, ylangylang oil, chamomile (blue) ess.
last note miso-an, kogashi-Shōyu, bees wax, sandalwood, cedarwood

* Dry Oriental:

[Oriental] type, so called, in the west, may be a glossy note. The seductive animalic and spicy notes are harmonized with floral, balsamic sweets and light citrus notes.. While, this [Dry Oriental] is a 'matte' [Japanese Oriental], formulated by a Japanese perfumer. The animalic touches exist in miso and soy sauce are finished in a dry, fragrant, savory way with iris and wood, and ultimately harmonized with floral, balsamic sweets and citruses.

Hoh-no-ki:[scientific name] Magnolia obovate thumb, a Japan endemic species


A deciduous tree that can be as enormous as 30 meters high and the tree trunk can be one meter in diameter. In Japan, there is a history with this tree rooted in our life such as using the big leaves as plates or wrapping miso(fermented soy bean paste) or mochi(rice cake) and bake them (Hoh-ba-miso, Hoh-ba-mochi). In May, 20cm big creamy white flowers bloom at the edge of its brunch and wind carries the fragrance a long way.