Each fragrance in the collection has a unique and special personality, all formulated by Satori.

CHATSUBO:Perfume Bottle

This special CHATSUBO perfume bottle contains PARFUM SATORI's signature perfume "Satori" in parfum form.

Premium Collection

A Luxurious Formula using Special Fragrance Material.
Premium Collection created by Satori Osawa, who presents the concept "Fragrance without Boundaries"
Eau de Parfum / 50ml / Atomizer



Basic Collection

The four seasons of Japan delicately shifts from one season to another, each having its own unique atmosphere and emotion. Japanese people have a deep affection towards the various flowers and greenery appearing at each season, even the scent of rain and snow are reflected in the culture. Such beautiful Japanese sceneries were preciously bottled in Parfum Satori's fragrances.
Eau de Parfum / 50ml / Atomizer