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"PARFUM SATORI" is the fragrance brand of a Japanese independent perfumer Satori Osawa, member of 'La Société Française de la Parfumerie.'SATORI's creations are based on traditional Japanese culture. Through Sado (Tea Ceremony), Kado (Flower Arrangement), and Kodo (Japanese Art of Fragrance) that she has practiced since her childhood, she entrusts her perfumes a message, a wish: to introduce real Japanese spirit, real oriental fragrances.

Perfumer Satori OSAWA

Perfumer Satori OSAWA

SATORI, born in Tokyo, studied Fragrance Design and Perfumery under Mr. Kenji Maruyama, while managing her own herb and aromatherapy shop since 1988.

After opening her salon "Parfum Satori" in Tokyo in 2000, she currently creates Haute Couture Perfumes, holds seminars and classes, and actively organizes events and joint exhibitions with glass artists and jewelers.

With her experience and profound knowledge in various forms of traditional Japanese art, such as "Kado" and "Sado", which she has been practicing since the age of twelve and acquired diplomas of "Shihan" and "Chamei", and the art of "Kodo" she creates original perfumes for a Japanese clientele, perceiving fragrances from a "Real Oriental" angle, which might be slightly different from the oriental world represented in foreign countries. The creation of "Japanese fragrances without boundries" is Satori's lifework.

Member of La Société Française de la Parfumerie.

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A hide away for perfume lovers in the heart of Tokyo.

Surrounded by hundreds of precious antique perfume bottles, this warm, and somehow nostalgic, Salon welcomes anybody who wish to learn more about perfumes, or those who wish to find their own unique fragrance.

You can encounter here the deep world of Perfumery.

Notice of Office Relocation

Please note that our atelier will move to the following address as of July 11th ,2017. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Tokyo Salon has all PARFUM SATORI products in store for you to try.

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