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HANAHIRAU④Naming a perfume ハナヒラク


People often ask me, "When creating a fragrance, do you come up with the idea first?

or do you start with selecting materials? "

The truth is, it totally depends on the situation.


This perfume had a tentative name but was officially named HANAHIRAKU.

And the formula was also modified.


It was called 'épanouir' ( French for 'bloom'). There is an episode about this name.


Several years ago, while I was staying in France, I was asked , " What is the most fulfilling moment at work?"  I said, "When I talk with my customers about fragrances and see their faces light up the moment they smell my perfume. It's when I feel like my efforts paid off."


While I was explaining, I was trying to find the best way to describe that moment in one word. After a while, I said " Ah, épanouir!". 


Looking nostalgic, the French man said, " Yes, 'épanouir' is a nice word".

Since then the word has become so special to me.


The theme of the perfume was ' flowering tree'. From spring to summer, the leaf buds on various kinds of trees open and white flowers continuously bloom.


While I was working on this perfume, the image of a face lighting up like a flower overlapped with the word "épanouir".


"Épanouir". It sounds pretty but is a little hard to remember and most people wouldn't understand the meaning of it.


Eventually, I wanted to call it in Japanese and there were about 20 choices but I couldn't decide. The perfume was scheduled to be released in May but I couldn't find the perfect name...

20160107母の茶道 茶杓 花開 2.jpg

On a morning of February when I was preparing to make Matcha, my mother brought me her hand-made tea spoon in a bamboo box, which had a label saying 「花開」.


"How do you pronounce it?" , I asked. She said, "Hanahiraku"


Hanahiraku... I muttered the word repeatedly.

It sounded hopeful and bright. I liked it.

 20160107母の茶道 茶杓 花開.jpg

Hanasaku(花咲く) or Hanahiraku花開く?  I wondered... Yes,HANAHIRAKU !

Then it was named HANAHIRAKU. It sounds simple and fits the image of the perfume.


Once it has a name, it begins to shape its character.


I started to feel it smelled a little too soft so I decided to remake it.

Because this is my fragrance.


I thought that I must see white Magnolia flowers bloom again in spring.


HANAHIRAKU was finally released on Oct 15th which was 5 months later than originally scheduled.







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The four seasons of Japan delicately shifts from one season to another, each having its own unique atmosphere and emotion. Japanese people have a deep affection towards the various flowers and greenery appearing at each season, even the scent of rain and snow are reflected in the culture. Such beautiful Japanese sceneries were preciously bottled in Parfum Satori's fragrances.


「パルファン サトリ」は、フランス調香師協会会員・SATORI(大沢さとり)の香水ブランドです。コレクションはすべてSATORI自身の処方により調合された特別感のある香り。初めて香水を試される方や、外国の強い香水に疲れた方にもお勧めです。日本の気候と情緒に合う、優しくおだやかな香りをお楽しみください。

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